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Welcome to Amazing Tarantulas!

The best tarantula website that will help all new pet tarantula owners.

The tarantula has received a bad reputation based on years of mis-information. This site was created to provide accurate information regarding these incredible eight-legged animals. In doing so, we hope to change the perception that some people have in regards to tarantulas. We are here to try and give big, hairy spiders a good name.

Pet tarantulas have been growing popularity recently, because spiders are a type of creature that requires little maintenance, easy to care for, and relatively cheap. You should be able to handle them safely, as while they may look quite intimating, have not killed anyone with their fangs. If you want an interesting pet, then the tarantula is the pet for you.

Tarantula Information

Tarantula Beginner Guide
Information for first time buyers or anyone interested in basic info on tarantulas.

Tarantula Care Sheet
Read the Tarantula Care Sheet to learn how to properly take care of your tarantula.

Tarantula Facts
Some amazing facts about tarantula that I am sure will shock you!

Tarantula Resources
Here are some more resources you can visit to expand your knowledge.