Curly Hair Tarantula

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curly hair tarantula

These sweeties resemble little bears. They have fat rumps and are covered with dark brown to black fur. 

curly hair tarantula or Brachypelma albopilosum

Longer golden hairs sprout forth all over, particularly on the hind legs, and give them a very fuzzy appearance. 

The carapace is dark and embossed with a thin sheen of golden hair.

They often have “personalities” and are subject to moods.

Range: Central America, from Honduras to Costa Rica.

Habitat:  Tropical forest floor.

Size: Medium tarantula.  Fully grown, they’re about 5 1/2″ to 5 3/4″ in legspan.

Attitude:  Usually very docile and slow-moving, but may suddenly get nervous and try to “hop” or run.  Mine will flick urticating hair when it really doesn’t want to be bothered, but it’s extremely tolerant of me most of the time.

Dwelling: Opportunistic burrowers that may use a provided shelter.  Mine goes in the cave I gave her from time to time and stays in there for a few days, but she usually sits on top of it.

Ideal Setup: A 3-5 gallon container with a thin layer of substrate, a shelter, and a water dish.  Try to keep a fair amount of  humidity (between 50-70%) with a light moistening the substrate every two weeks or so.  Keep the temp around 75-80 degrees F if possible.

Food: Any bugs that haven’t been exposed to pesticides (3-5 crickets a week for adults).  Mine is an incredible fatty that would eat all I gave it as often as I gave it (I was somewhat amazed at the amount of food it would consume); I’ve since learned to exercise restraint.  She loves palmetto bugs (large roaches) and will actually go out of her way to get them (she usually just waits on crickets to happen to walk almost underneath her).