Eucratoscelus Pachypus

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Eucratoscelus pachypus baboon

These are ground dwellers of east-cental Africa’s scrubland.  They have extremely thick rear legs with tufts of hair protruding forth.  The mature males have much less incrassate rear legs.

Tanzanian Stoutleg Baboon or Eucratoscelus Pachypus

Overall, they’re a chocolate brown.  Their carapaces are chestnut colored and their front two pairs of legs are grayish. 

Range: The Tanzanian Stoutleg Baboon may be found in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya.

Habitat:  Dry scrubland; savannas.

Size: Small for a tarantula.Fully grown, they’re about  4 to 4 1/2 inches in legspan.

Attitude:  Somewhat more docile than their Pterinochilus ssp. cousins, but by no means a “hand pet.”  They enjoy privacy, and are quick to stridulate in annoyance when provoked. See our glossary for any terms you don’t know.

Dwelling: Burrows in dry earth

Ideal Setup: a 2 1/2 to 5 gallon container with enough substrate for digging in (fill it 3-5″ deep).  Supply a water dish, but there is no need for moistening other than the initial application of the substrate.  Keep the temperature around 75-80 degrees if possible.

Food: Any bugs that haven’t been exposed to pesticides (2-5 crickets a week).