Grammostola rosea

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Grammostola rosea

These are some of the most common tarantulas sold in US pet stores.  Grammostola Rosea have recently undergone a host of name changes (from Phrixotrichus auratus to P.roseus and P.spatulata)
since there are many color variations and people thought they were different species. 

Rose Hair Tarantula – Grammostola Rosea

Most are brownish overall (their rumps look like little kiwis) with a coppery carapace that shines like a new penny.  Others have a more brownish carapace and some are quite pinkish/red all over.

The great variation in colors that led to many different species names. . . .

Range: Northern Chile (Atacama region), Argentina, and nearby areas.

Habitat:  Dry scrubland.

Size: Medium tarantula.  Fully grown, they’re about 5″ in legspan.

Rose Hair

Attitude:  Usually very docile and slow-moving, but some rare individuals can be snippity.  The ones I have are the nicest tarantulas I’ve ever seen- none have even so much as flicked hairs at me.  Their main defense seems to be slowly shrinking away. 

Just mind their moods and become familiar with an individual before trying to get it to walk onto your hand.

They mate quite easily, though the female is often aggressive toward the male after the act.

Getting a mated female to produce an eggsac, however, can be difficult.

Dwelling: Opportunistic spiders that may use a provided shelter.  Often times, captive rose hair tarantulas will desire to sit atop a shelter rather than go in one.